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Khajanchi Seats is a leading and oldest manufactures of seat covers and complete seats. The campany has been based in New Delhi [Karol bagh]. The Company has been started by Late. Shri Khajanchilal Shrivastav and later his son Mr. Rajeev Shrivastav is Running this Campany very well, and we have been making our products since 1965, at starting we are making seats of the oldest motorcycles of that time like-BSA, Matchless,Triumph, Ariel, Jawa, etc. After that, the Campany Royal Enfield gaining popularity among Indian Citizens that time and we got the idea for making seats for this motorcycle. At starting we are making seats for royal enfield starting models like G2 and Standard and as campany is launching thier new models as a result, now we have a wide range for Royal Enfield Seats available for all enfield models. We have a team of Experienced teammates who are working with this campany since a long time and all these seats are Hand-Crafted by the hands of experienced teammates. Our motto is to provide specialized designs and Quality finished products to our Customers. We are also providing a service of Custom-made seats designs to our customers on order. The campany has been delivering thier products worldwide for making the rides comfortable to their customers. Now we also have a quality products range in Motorcyles Accessories also.

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