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Grill Set Black Colour 8Pc for Royal Enfield Electra

 Grill Set Black Colour 8Pc for Royal Enfield Electra
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Grill Set Black Colour 8Pc for Royal Enfield Electra
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About This Items

•Very easy installation - the grill has screw holes which makes fitting a 5-minute job

•This grill acts as a shield to your expensive Enfield Accessories i.e. lights, headlamp, tail light, indicators, and parking lights

•Made of die-cast aluminum with superior finish anti-rust, anti-stain, and anti-collision

•Vehicle Compatibility: Enfield Bullet Electra 350/500 (All Year Models)

• aluminum protective grill (set of 8) has perfect fit hence no external welding required

Product Description

Headlight Grill for Headlight Tail Light Parking Light Indicator Grill Protector for Royal Enfield Bullet Elactra 350 & 500 (Black, Set of 8) grills is available as a single head, single back, head and back (set of 2), indicators (set of 4), parking lights (set of 2) and a full set of 8.

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