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7 Inch 110 watts With Indicators LED Headlight For Royal Enfield

7 Inch 110 watts With Indicators LED Headlight For Royal Enfield
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7 Inch 110 watts With Indicators LED Headlight For Royal Enfield
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About This Items

Operating Voltage: 12V-80V, 75W

INSTALLATION: H4 3 Pin Plug & Play Connector, 2 Wires for White & Amber DRL each.

Die-cast Aluminum housing with completely sealed cabinet - excellent heat dissipation. Perfect fit on Royal Enfield Bikes & Thar. Polycarbonate toughened PMMA Lense

High Beam, Low Beam, White DRL, Amber DRL, Amber Turning Signal

COMPATIBILITY: Royal Enfield Classic 350 all models, Royal Enfield Classic 500 all models, Bullet Electra 350 all models, Bullet Electra 500 all models, Standard 350 all models, Standard 500 all models, Himalayan Continental GT, Mahindra Thar & Jeep

Product Description

These headlights are premium quality headlights and fog lights for your beloved expensive beasts like Suitable for Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350, Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 500.The daytime running light gives you an elegant yet catchy look along with turning indication in headlight can be used for mountain driving, fog driving, highway driving, city driving. Giving signals and making you visible from a long distance.

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